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VakPak65 is a Cost-Effective Solution for Metal Hardening. Try Yours Today! 

Whether your business is jewelry making or another kind of metal manufacturing, VakPak65 lets you heat treat with confidence. VakPak65 containers and wraps achieve near-vacuum results so you can create lasting metal jewelry, harden steel for knife blades, and protect metal items from heat damage for superior results.

Experience a better way to effectively heat treat metal, including molybdenum high-speed steels, with a free sample of VakPak65.

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A note about custom sizes: 

While samples are only available in 2.5” x 5”, we are always ready to accommodate orders for custom sizes to fit your particular needs. Please use the form below to tell us about any customizations that may interest you or request a custom quote to discuss how a custom VakPak65 solution can help.

VakPak65™ Heat Treating Containers

are available in 18 convenient sizes:

SIZE (Inches) SIZE (Inches) SIZE (Inches)
2 1/2" x 5"
8" x 10"
14" x 16"
2 1/2" x 8"
8" x 14"
14" x 20"
4" x 6"
10" x 12"
18" x 20"
4" x 9"
10" x 16"
18" x 24"
6" x 8"
12" x 14"
24" x 28"
6" x 12"
12" x 18"
24" x 32"